Himalayan Rose Body Scrub

Himalayan Rose Body Scrub


Crystallized  over 250 million years ago, ancient sea beds were covered by lava, protecting the salt from modern-day pollution, and lending to the belief that Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest salt to be found on earth.

We like to call this a step into sea salt heave.  With a mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and trace elements such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.  Himalayan Rose takes charge as a consistent bestseller among men and women alike.

We combine Himalayan Sea Salt with Organic Rose Petals taking you on a trip to a luxurious rose garden.  Scented with  Organic Essential oils including Lavender and Palmarosa, this scrub is made fresh to order, and as always, made with love and gratitude. 

ingredients: himalayan pink salt, sodium chloride, laurus nobilis (bay leaf), organic rosa centifolia (red roses), vegetable glycerine, sweet prunus dulcis (almond oil), rosa damascena (red rose hydrosol), vitamin e tocopherols, plant essence oils of organic cymbopogon martinii (palmarosa) and lavandula officinalis (lavender french)

**made with love and gratitude



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